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A place for new alliances

We see a world that seems to be spinning faster and faster, a world in which expertise and craftsmanship are getting better and better, and in which impactful collaborations are becoming more and more important – but harder to find.

Connect to professionals and talents on The Incipit Club now to engage in new and inspiring professional opportunities.


The days when a smart profile picture and a polished CV determine the next job or project are long gone. Our mission is to create a referral-based, selected community that offers a network of unique contacts.

The Incipit Club is the platform for creating new ideas, engaging in collaborations and building relationships of trust.

Expertise is priority, discretion is key

The Incipit Club works simply, discreetly, and down to the essentials, so you can concentrate on the subject. Here, not the superficial counts, but the content based on your competence.

We put the idea before the person and professionalism before the resume. We bring together what belongs together.

Making sure that you find the perfect match for your next collaboration or investment.

Join the club

Join a group of young professionals with the ambition to expand their network and share their skills and ideas. Realise your new projects and ventures now.

What makes us different

It’s very simple! Post your AD and receive the interest of other members. After that, it’s at your discretion to start a conversation with those you feel have the right answers for you.
The focus is on your profession and not on your look. Our platform is free of profile pictures and you choose who can see your professional and personal details, and how. Content is all that matters.
If you are 18+, and have one or more referrer members, you can quickly fill up your application that will be revised as soon as possible. If you don’t have a referrer, get in touch with us for applying.
Apply for 1 year membership, the fee is based on your age. See our terms and conditions for more details.

Our Incipit concierge services provide a bespoke (not an algorithmic) selection for your searches. Get in touch for more information.

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